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Parking and Transportation Study

Executive Summary

May 10, 2013


In summer of 2012, the UWM Department of Parking and Transportation, in cooperation with the Physical Environmental Committee/Parking & Transportation sub-committee, set out to acquire proposals from qualified parking and transportation planning groups to provide study and consulting services to campus.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) document was developed with review and input from committee members, whom provided a very specific template of services required of proposers.This outline included instructions that consultants were to provide:

  • A detailed review and analysis of past documents related to parking and transportation (P&T) as related to the UWM campus.
  • Collection and study of current UWM P&T data, systems, operations and infrastructure/assets.
  • Study and comparison of similar (urban) higher-education campus’ P&T systems.
  • Conduct a specific number of stakeholder and neighborhood “town hall” meetings.
  • ·Provide sustainable proposal(s) for future P&T operations and management to include:
  1. Surface lot and parking structure operations and management.
  2. Parking access and control systems.
  3. Transit Demand Management (TDM) systems.
  4. Promotion & improvement of alternative transportation methods.
  5. Data driven financial modeling for all proposals.

UW-Milwaukee received 4 proposals in response to the RFP, which included proposals from Ayres Associates, Carl Walker, Inc.; Nelson Nygaard, and Walker Parking Consultants.All 4 proposals came well qualified and with impressive past client lists.However, the selected proposal from Nelson Nygaard stood apart from the others due to their innovative and forward thinking mindset in regards to parking and transportation.Rather than traditional data based planning, Nelson Nygaard comes highly revered for their holistic planning capabilities, in terms of environmental, financial and community aspects.

The Nelson Nygaard introduction summary has made it clear that they understand the complexity of the UWM environment, the diversity of its stakeholders and importance of a well-balanced transportation demand strategy.

From Nelson Nygaard, UWM expects a phased plan of implementation to introduce new and improved systems for the management and operations of our parking and transportation systems.Nelson Nygaard has experience with many similar higher education institutions such as UC Berkeley, Yale University, Portland State University and Stanford University.Samples of these projects demonstrate NN’s ability to work with complex systems in highly contested areas; and develop innovative systems that not only meet demands but improve satisfaction with all aspects of parking and transportation on the UWM campus.

At present, UWM is working on contract documents with Nelson Nygaard and we are targeting the fall semester to begin the study, when campus is back at full capacity following the summer lull.Projected start date:September 2013