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Boarding an Accessible Bus

When the bus arrives remain at least five feet from the door where you will be entering to allow other passengers to get on or off, and wait for the ramp or lift to be lowered. For a low-floor ramp-equipped bus, position yourself at the front door. For a lift-equipped bus, first determine if the equipment is located at a front or rear door.The driver will tell you when the ramp or lift is ready for you to board. In the case of a ramp, move forward onto the ramp, deposit your fare or show your UPASS and move into the bus. With a lift, board the lift backwards, lock your wheels in place and when the driver indicates that the lift has elevated you to the proper level, proceed into the bus to pay your fare.Wait until the driver has lifted and locked temporary seats in place to create space for securement of your wheelchair. When the driver instructs you, maneuver your wheelchair into the safety locking device that firmly clamps your right wheel.