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Introduction to Accessibility

Milwaukee County Transit System now offers two options that make buses more accessible for wheelchair users. Both low-floor, step-free and lift equipped buses now operate on many MCTS routes.Low-floor buses are equipped with ramps which are always located at the front door. Buses with lifts have a sign indicating if the lift is in the front or rear of the bus.The wheelchair securement areas for both low-floor and lift-equipped buses are the same, and require the same operator and personal securement procedures. For passenger safety, MCTS drivers must secure wheelchairs completely before moving the bus.All MCTS Route Guides indicate which routes and what individual trips on routes are wheelchair accessible. For assistance with planning your trip on MCTS or to request a Route Guide or other information about fares, routes and schedules call the BusLine at 344-6711, any day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.