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Q What is a UPASS or M-Card?
A UPASS/M-Card is a card that is scanned to get access to unlimited free rides on any Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus. The card must be presented with a valid student ID.
Q How do I get my UPASS?
A The UPASS is available for pick-up at the Parking & Transit Office beginning Monday, the week before classes begin each semester -- including Summer sessions, and continues to be available through the last day of exams each semester. You will need to have your valid student ID at the time of pick up.
Q When can I start using my UPASS?
A As soon as you get it. Pick it up before the first day of class and start using it and saving money right away.
Q Who can I call for information?
A Call the Milwaukee County Transit System at 414-344-6711 or UWM Parking and Transit at 414-229-4000 to ask for route and schedule information or to find the bus service most convenient for you.
Q Is the UPASS only good for my trips to UWM?
A No. You can use your UPASS to travel for any purpose to any destination on any Milwaukee County Transit System. Use it any time buses operate on any day, including weekends, holidays, and even during UWM breaks and recess periods.
Q How much can I save?
A You can save hundreds of dollars in reduced gas costs, maintenance costs, wear and tear on your car, and the hassle of driving in rush hour traffic and searching for a legal parking space. If you are considering living a distance from campus, you may want to consider a rental property along a bus route with service to UWM.
Q I have a disability that makes it difficult and even impossible to use a regular bus. How does UPASS help me?
A If you are eligible to participate in the Milwaukee County Transit Plus Program, your UPASS can be used to waive the initial Transit Plus portion of the fare for each trip you take.To find out more about this new benefit call 414-278-4091.
Q Who can get the UWM UPASS?
A Only UWM students taking at least one course for credit on the Kenwood campus.
Q Why was the UPASS created?
A UWM, like virtually all urban universities in the country, has problems finding space for everyone to park. The UPASS offers you a great opportunity to use your car less, especially for routine trips to work, class, shopping, entertainment, etc. and eliminate parking problems. By doing so, you are guaranteed to save lots of money you would otherwise spend maintaining and operating your car, help the environment, and reduce parking and traffic related stress.
Q Is UPASS a better deal than driving my car to campus?
A Absolutely. UPASS is one University service where the more you use your UPASS, the more your commuting expenses are reduced.
Q Are there bus routes that offer direct service to UWM?
A Yes. There are six local routes and three freeway flyer express routes.
  • Green Line Oakland-Water St.
  • Red Line Capitol Dr.
  • 21 North Ave.
  • 22 Center St.
  • 30 Sherman-Wisconsin Ave.
  • 60 Burleigh St.
  • 40U College Ave Freeway Flyer
  • 44U Whitnall-State Fair Park Freeway Flyer
  • 49U Brown Deer Rd Freeway Flyer
Q Who pays for this?
A Everyone who takes a class on the UWM campus pays to support the UPASS program. It is included as part of tuition and fees--just like other services on campus such as the Klotsche Center, Campus Day Care, UPARK shuttles, Student Health Center, etc. The remaining per student cost is offset by Parking & Transit Department and a bulk purchase discount.
Q If I don't live in Milwaukee County how will the UPASS help me?
A In order to serve commuters from all over SE Wisconsin, the MCTS operates remote freeway flyers from Park & Ride lots across the county. You can park free and take the freeway flyer bus free all the way to UWM. Route schedules and Transit Guides are available at the UWM Parking and Transit; or call 414-229-4000 for help in locating the Park & Ride closest to where you live.
Q If I simply must drive a car, how does the UPASS benefit me?
A The UPASS offer of free transportation whenever and to wherever you want to go will be a benefit and a money saving value that many students who drive a car will find to be a value for things unrelated to commuting to and from classes. Even if you never use your UPASS, you will still benefit from the program because there will be fewer students driving their cars to campus and competing with you for a campus parking space.
Q Can I drive to and park along bus routes?
A Certainly. You can drive your car part way to campus, park in an all day parking spot right near a bus stop on any of several direct bus routes to UWM, and then, ride the bus free the rest of the way.