Parent's Guide to Academic Support at UW-Milwaukee

While PASS representatives strive to connect with parents and guardians during new freshman orientation and open house, many remain unaware of the benefits of Supplemental Instruction and tutoring programs at UWM.  For that reason, we've created a guide dedicated to parents and guardians who are interested in learning about free on-campus educational support services at UW-Milwaukee. 

Click Here for the PASS Guide for Parents

This guide also helps parents and guardians learn how to discuss the benefits of these programs with their UWM student.  While we understand that students need to create their own experiences by making their own educational decisions, parents and guardians may provide guidance and support to their UWM student by introducing PASS Supplemental Instruction and tutoring programs during the student’s first few years.  For that reason, this guide includes a few techniques to help parents and guardians begin a structured conversation with their student about available educational support at UWM.

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