Make an Appointment Using Cattrack

Cattrack Scheduling System

Step-by-Step Directions

Begin by clicking on the Cattrack icon above

2) Sign into Cattrack with your ePanther ID and password

3) Click Service and choose your preferred course

4) Click Type of Service and choose either "Any", "SI", or "Tutoring"
  • Choose "Any" to receive the most results
  • To learn about the differences between SI and Tutoring, please visit Programs & Services
5) Click Location and choose your preferred location
  • Choose "Any" to receive the most results
6) Click on Date to open the calendar, and choose your preferred date:
  • Please note: You may be required to pick a specific "Start Date", view the on-screen note under "Welcome to Cattrack Scheduling" for more details
7) Click  Go
  • A list of available sessions will appear with dates and times
  • If no sessions appear, please choose a different date or location
8) Click on a specific date and time (examples: Mondays - 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM)

A prompt will appear saying Appointment Sign-Up
  • Your SI Leader or Tutor will be listed on top
  • Check that the Location, Time, Date, and Service is correct
  • Click the SIGN-UP button to schedule the appointment

Appointment Confirmation

You will receive an e-mail from Cattrack confirming the newly   
scheduled appointment      

10) Open the e-mail, and find and click Accept to confirm the appointment

Please Note:
Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance of the session.  A reminder of the time and location of your SI or Tutoring session will be found in the “Calendar” tab of your pantherLink e-mail service.  Your Tutor/SI Leader will also receive this appointment confirmation.

If no times are available, please visit PASS office in Bolton 180 to discuss other tutoring possibilities or fill out a Special Tutor Request Form

If your schedule changes, or you can no longer attend your scheduled appointment, please complete the Cancellation Request Form.