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Use the resources in this page to join a PASS online review session or view an archive.  E-mail us questions at or visit a PASS desk attendant at the Golda Meir Library - First Floor (E170) Monday through Friday.  See you online!


Note: The following operating systems and hardware are currently not compatible with BlackBoard Collaborate:

Apple OS X - Mavericks, Microsoft Surface tablet PC, Apple iPad

All computers in the Golda Meir Library have the necessary hardware and software to run BlackBoard Collaborate.  If you are using any of the above products, please consider using a library to attend a live online review session or to access an archive.


Access an Online Review Session or Archive

Use the printable PDF instructions or video demonstrations below as guides for accessing PASS online review sessions or archived review sessions.

Printable PDF Instructions

Join an Online Room (viewed best in full screen)

View an Archived Session (viewed best in full screen)

Windows 8 Users

Windows 8 users are regularly experiencing difficulty accessing online sessions.  Please use the below document to resolve the issue with Windows 8 using the Java Web Start Launcher.

Windows 8 - Locating Java Web Start Launcher

Check if Your Computer is Compatible with BlackBoard Collaborate

BlackBoard Collaborate requires Java, a free computing platform application.  Use this links to below to first ensure your computer system is compatible with BlackBoard Collaborate, the web conferencing platform used to host PASS online review sessions, then to download Java, if needed:

BlackBoard Collaborate Web Conferencing - First Time Users

Download Java


Ensure Pop-Up Blockers Are Turned Off

Use the links below to ensure pop-up blockers are turned off before accessing an online review session.  Please use Mozilla Firefox to access BlackBoard Collaborate on a PC.  If using a Mac, please use either Mozilla Firefox or Safari

Apple - Safari and Firefox

PC - Firefox


Using Audio

You will need a pair of headphones or ear buds to hear the SI leader or tutor speak.  If you would like to talk during the session, you will need a headset or laptop microphone.  If you do not have one, you may check one out in the west wing basement of the Golda Meir Library.

Once in the session, you may need to access the Audio Set-Up Wizard to configure your audio.  Click on the Audio Set-Up Wizard icon (shown below) and follow the prompts to configure your audio for the session.  Then click Talk to chat with your SI leader or tutor.

Audio Set-Up Wizard


Using Mobile Devices

BlackBoard Collaborate is accessble through many different mobile devices, including those running Android and iOS operating systems.  Download BlackBoard Collaborate apps and access support through the links below.

BlackBoard Collaborate Mobile App - Android Devices

BlackBoard Collaborate Mobile App - Apple iOS Devices

BlackBoard Collaborate Support Portal for Android and iOS Users


Using Interactive Tools

It's easy to use BlackBoard Collaborate's online tools.  Familiarize yourself with the online environment before your session by using the link below.

Quick Guide to BlackBoard Collaborate Interactive Tools




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