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Fridays, March 27  - May 1

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UWM Planetarium

The Manfred Olson Planetarium, located on the UWM campus, presents a variety of astronomy programs open to the general public. In addition, we offer planetarium shows and activities for private groups, such as schools, the Girl Scouts, and birthday celebrations.


Music by the light of the stars show

On May 10th from 2-3pm enjoy live period music performed by the UWM Collegium Musicum while looking at the stars. The UWM Collegium Musicum is a student ensemble dedicated to the study and performance of Medieval and Renaissance music on period instruments. This performance will feature an array of recorders, viols, lutes and other instruments. With music by composers including Perotin, Dufay, Josquin, Susato, Morales, Marzenio and Palestrina. Tickets cost $3.

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Public Programs

Friday Night Show - Just $3. A special topic every 4-6 weeks.
AstroBreak - Free! See schedule for list of topics.
Stargazing - Free! Peer through a telescope at the night sky!