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2012: Fact or Fiction draws in large audience

2012: Fact or Fiction audience

By Gazelle Arga

With over 460 guests and several nights of sold out seats, the 2012 Fact or Fiction show proved to be a big hit at the Manfred Olson Planetarium. Many guests who visited had not heard of the controversial topic while others came because they thought the world was going to end in December. One guest said, “It is a highly controversial topic so it was refreshing to see the logical explanation and debunking of 2012 myths.

The first thirty minutes of the hour-long program covered the supposed end to the Mayan Calendar as well as other cosmic hoaxes. Although many guests were intrigued by the popular topic, some visitors favored the last half of the show, which included stargazing and identifying fall and winter constellations projected on the dome. A guest commented, “I liked viewing the stars the most, especially the country sky. It was beautiful and showed me what I was missing living in the city… I didn’t enjoy when the lights came back on. I didn’t want the show to end.”

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