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A night in Greece by Kendra Brown


During A Night in Greece,we visited the beautiful National Gardens in Athens, stopped at the local farmer's market to buy some colorful produce, and then headed to the home of Jean Creighton's aunt to enjoy a cup of Greek coffee before dinner. While we waited for the meal to be cooked Jean showed us pictures from a trip to Santorini. The island boasts bright blues, pure white walls, and breathtaking views of the caldera.

Dinner consisted of traditional Greek foods – olives, salad, meat, and baklava. While the pictures in the show were mouth watering I had already gotten my fix of food prior to the show, where complimentary Greek food from the Gyro Palace was provided. As the songs of Greek culture filled the planetarium, audience members were welcomed to jump out of their seats and learn a simple dance, which soon had the room roaring with laughter as the steps quickened until the end. Once the dancers had caught their breath, we sat by a bonfire at the Temple of Poseidon, listened to a live singing performance of a Greek song, and found ourselves searching for constellations over the Aegean. As I enjoy spring evenings, I will remember the Greek myth of the Big & Little Bear every time I look for the Dippers in the sky.



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