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A review of Colorful Nebula, by Kendra Brown


The evening I took a trip into the world of Colorful Nebula I found myself wrapped up in light and dark, colorful, breathtaking shapes of clouds in outer space. I came to understand that images of nebulae are compositions of their matter, each color representing a different gas, forming a beautiful mixture of color. I was getting lost in the music, laughter and beauty of the night when I was soaring through colorful nebula experiencing what it would be like traveling among stars. I flew into the Eagle Nebula, galloped through the Horsehead Nebula, and stopped to catch my breath in the Omega Nebula.

Constellations were a fascinating part of the show. I loved finding constellations like Pegasus and Orion and seeing them in the night sky. But I must say, my favorite part of the night was finding the brightest star in the sky. It was brilliant, bold, and glowing – Sirius was its name. It sat in the Southeastern sky, shining bright and I will remember it.

At the end of the night, Colorful Nebula made me want to explore more of our universe outside of the planetarium. I want to take in as much knowledge about the colors, stars, shapes, sights, and mysteries of space as possible, don't you?

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