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Art In Space - A Benefit Event

By Melanie Signer

Art in Space

On Saturday April 28, 2012, students, staff, Planetarium Director Dr. Jean Creighton and and members of the community gathered in the Physics building for Art in Space, the annual benefit event for the UWM Planetarium. For this year’s third annual benefit event, guests enjoyed a silent auction of spaced-themed art, followed by a planetarium show.

Everyone at the planetarium was involved in ensuring the success of Art in Space. Staff was busy all year contacting donors, producing the planetarium show, and creating the media for the event.

The hallway just outside the UWM Planetarium was transformed into a gallery. The curator for the show, Amber Emerson, and planetarium staff worked hard for six hours converting the Physics hallway into an energetic gallery with colorful pieces of space-themed art.

Just before the event began, staff was busy wrapping up the finishing touches. ‘Cosmos-politans’ were being mixed, tickets were being organized, and the planetarium show was going through a final test drive. A buzz of excitement filled the air as 7pm approached.

Just minutes after the hour, people filled the gallery. The photographer snapped photos of the guests enjoying the event. Guests nibbled on hors d'oeuvres while bidding on gorgeous art and gift baskets. After bidding and conversing with guests, staff, and some of the artists, everyone was invited into the planetarium for the show.

Staff and visitorsThis year’s show consisted of a montage of artistic space pictures, and artist’s interpretations of space. Dr. Jean Creighton, the planetarium director, made sure to tell guests which slides were the artist’s interpretations, and which were actual space pictures as she lead them on a journey of art and space exploration.

Meanwhile, the staff was busy calculating the winners of the silent auction. When the planetarium show was finished, anxious guests waited as Creighton read off the lucky winners.

Following the planetarium show, guests and eager auction winners flooded the gallery once again to claim their prizes. Many pieces of art sold that night, and all the gift baskets found a new home. Overall the silent auction made over $1000 and the UWM Planetarium made $1400 from the event.

What a success! Staff are already thinking of next year’s Art in Space.

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