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The UWM Planetarium hosts first ever Spanish event

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The Manfred Olson Planetarium at UWM hosted its first ever Spanish speaking program, Mas Alla de las Estellas, last Sunday.  Guests of all ethnicities were welcomed to the event, but the primary emphasis was to draw in the Spanish speaking community in the Milwaukee area.

Director of the UWM Planetarium, Jean Creighton hosted the event, while UWM student and Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies intern, Norma Ortiz, interpreted in Spanish.  Some of the topics discussed were nebulaes, galaxies, supernovas and black holes.  This portion of the show included a trip to the red planet, Mars and a virtual trip inside a black hole.  The multimedia presentation was produced by Thomas Little, UWM business student and planetarium staff member.  During the second portion of the show, Creighton helped the audience identify several stars and constellations, such as the Big and Little Dipper as well as seasonal constellations, such as Cygnus and Hercules.  Guests were encouraged to ask questions when the show was over.  

The show proved to be a fun and educational experience.  For some in the Hispanic community, going to events like this can be a challenge especially for monolingual Spanish speakers, but when there is someone interpreting their language it can be a more comfortable and exciting experience.  Mas Alla de las Estrellas reminded us that regardless of our age, gender, or cultural background, the stars belong to all. 

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