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Summer 2015 Shows

AstroBreaks are free planetarium shows from 12:15-12:45 p.m. on select Wednesdays. All are welcome!

Each program includes a description of the night sky and some of its treasures, along with exploration of a special astronomical topic.

June 10: Structure of the Milky Way
Lecturer: Graduate student, Joe Simon
We have all been presented with a specific picture of what our own galaxy looks like, but we know that galaxies come in all different shapes and sizes, so how did astronomers determine which one looks most like our own, especially given that we're stuck inside it?  Find out what has led us to confidently present this distinct image of our own beautiful Milky Way.

July 22: Something Strange in the Neighborhood
Lecturer: Graduate student, Alex Urban
The truth is out there.  Who you gonna call?  The scientific method is a pretty handy little toolbox that equips us to think critically, finding the answer for ourselves.  And you don't need to be a scientist to carry that toolbox.  In this AstroBreak, we'll apply the scientific method to a few popular legends -- such as UFOs -- and find out what the difference really is between "seeing" and "certainty."   Don't you want to believe?

August 12: Other Solar Systems
Lecturer: Associate Professor, Phil Chang
The Kepler satellite has found a number of strange solar systems.  How did they form and what does this imply about the formation of our own?

Archive of past Astrobreaks.