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Lyra the harp


Spring 2014 Shows

AstroBreaks are free planetarium shows from 12:15-12:45 p.m. on select Wednesdays. All are welcome!

Each program includes a description of the night sky and some of its treasures, along with exploration of a special astronomical topic.

January 15: Pisces, the Fish
Learn about the beautiful spiral galaxy M74 in this constellation.

January 22: Aries, the Ram
Listen to the story associated with the ram that produced the golden fleece: the prize of the Argonauts adventure.

January 29: The Dogs and the Hare
Enjoy finding bright stars in constellations near the well known pattern of Orion.
February 5: Auriga, the Cowherder
See the bright stars in this constellation and some of its clusters.
February 12: Taurus, the Bull
Find the famous seven sisters and learn about how the Crab Nebula gave us insight in one of the most exotic objects in the universe. 
February 19: Gemini, the Twins
Look at the beautiful Eskimo and Medusa nebulae near the twin brothers Castor and Pollux. 
February 26: Perseus, the Hero
Hear the myth of Perseus and find out why a reddish star has been associated with a monster. 
March 5: Cancer, the Crab
Learn about the famous M44 cluster (Beehive cluster) that calls Cancer the Crab home. 
March 12: Leo, the Lion
Look at the beautiful Leo triplet galaxies that are part of the lion Hercules killed. 

April 9: Hydra
Explore the largest constellation in the sky.
April 16: Virgo
Find out about the Virgo's collection of galaxies including the Sombrero galaxy.
April 23: The Cup and the Crow
See the spectacular Antennae Galaxies and learn how Corvus and Crater are connected to the myth of Hydra.

April 30: The Northern Crown
Discover the many double stars in Corona Borealis and its connection to Theseus
May 14: Hercules, the Hero
Enjoy some of the myths of Hercules and learn about a famous globular cluster. 

Archive of past Astrobreaks.