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2012 Fact or Fiction?

2012: Fact or Fiction?

Friday Night Show
November 4 - December 16, 2011

The ancient Mayans used their understanding of star movement to create a calendar that has December 21, 2012 as its last day. As the date approaches, considerable conversation has surrounded a possible apocalypse, although the calendar does not specify a collapse of humanity because of the calendar's discontinuation.

"Fact or Fiction: 2012" will reveal how the Mayans used astronomical events to invent their calendars. The show will investigate some theories that anticipate earth's fate, including the prediction that our demise will come when our sun aligns with the galactic core, the center of the Milky Way, where there is a black hole.

2012: Fact or Fiction is a Big Hit at the UWM-Planetarium

Since the show's debut, the Planetarium has had an influx of families, couples, groups of all ages including UWM students eager to learn about the intriguing Mayan calendar, mysterious cosmic alignments and other rumors of Earth's fate. The first three shows were completely sold-out: the topic has proven to be popular, given that 2012 is just around the corner. The first part of the show lasts approximately 30 minutes during which 5 notions about 2012 are discussed from an astronomical perspective. The second half of the show is focused on identifying several fall and winter constellations. Planetarium Director Dr. Jean Creighton presents viewers with the city's dim view of the stars and later she demonstrates the crisp and clear sky of the countryside projected on the dome. You won't want to miss a cheap ($2) , quick, and fun way to start your weekend. The Planetarium is located in the UWM Physics building at 1900 E Kenwood Blvd. Make sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early to save your seat at this hidden gem, right here at UWM. It's our dark little secret.