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Jean Creighton, Director
Physics Building 150
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Galaxies Galore poster

Galaxies Galore

Friday Night Show
April 13-May 18
7:00-7:55 pm

Galaxies Galore will feature galaxies, legions of stars held together by gravity. Galaxies can be as small as one million stars and as big as 100 trillion stars. It is believed there are over 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe. Several galaxies are gorgeous, being very colorful and they are not all the spiral shape people think of. The audience sees what happens when galaxies collide with each other.

“Galaxies are some of the most beautiful astronomical objects in the cosmos: dramatic and colorful, galaxies near and far will dazzle our guests” said Jean Creighton, Director of the UWM Planetarium and the presenter.

As with every Friday night program, there will be a portion of the show that is dedicated to viewing stars projected on the dome. Audience members will identify old favorites such as the Big Dipper and Orion and find new patterns such as Gemini, Leo, and other winter and spring constellations.