University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

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Lunar EclipseLunar Light

Fridays, June 21 - July 19, 2013, no show July 5
7:00-7:55 p.m.

Manfred Olson Planetarium, Physics Building

Lunar Light focuses on our Moon, which has captivated our imagination enough to explore it with humans and machines.  The show runs Friday evenings from June 21 through July 19 at 7:00 to 7:55 p.m.  Note there is no show on July 5.

The live presentation will highlight Earth-Moon-Sun interactions that result in dramatic events such as lunar and solar eclipses, ocean tides, and different phases of the Moon.  The presentation will include Greek myths associated with the Moon.  As always, there is a portion of the program that focuses on stars and constellations projected on the dome to simulate both a city and country sky.