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Stargazing: Observing Mailing List

We are excited to offer stargazing year-round; unfortunately, this activity is dependent on the weather conditions. Occasionally we must cancel a scheduled stargazing session due to rain, snow, or poor viewing conditions from clouds or haze. If you are interested in stargazing and would like to receive emails on scheduled stargazing nights confirming whether the session is taking place, consider subscribing to our stargazing mailing list.

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Please note, you will only receive emails on scheduled stargazing nights. We will send an email approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the stargazing session, confirming that the session is either taking place or cancelled.

At any time, you may cancel your subscription to our mailing list. Email, with "unsubscribe" written in the subject line. You will receive another confirmation email, this time for your request to unsubscribe. Reply, making no changes to the subject line or email text. Soon after, you should receive a final email confirming your request to unsubscribe.