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Special Events – 100 Telescopes in the Park

A Celebration of the International Year of Astronomy

September 25th and 26th, 2009

On the nights of September 25 and 26, get ready for a stargazing extravaganza. Planetariums, astronomy clubs and stellar enthusiasts across SE Wisconsin will come together with 100 telescopes in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy.

Why now? Four hundred years ago, on some warm autumn nights in Italy, Galileo Galilei first turned his telescope toward the heavens. What he saw astounded not only him, but many people across many lands.

By March of 1610 Galileo released a small book based on his observations. Called the Starry Messenger, the book was an instant best seller. Galileo’s descriptions of moons going around Jupiter, spots on the Sun, and holes on the Moon were earth-shattering! Starry Messenger was soon translated into many languages—including Chinese—just five years after it appeared.

Celebrate Galileo’s achievements by bringing your own telescope to the park! Visit to learn how.

What: 100 Telescopes in the Park: A Celebration of the International Year of Astronomy. Go to to register and bring your own telescope!
Who: Brought to you by Wisconsin Astronomy, a group of planetariums, astronomy clubs and stargazers.
Where: Greenfield Park, West Allis. Located on 124th Street, between Lincoln & National Avenues.
When: Friday & Saturday Nights, September 25 & 26; 6:00pm to 11:00pm.
Why: To enjoy the wonders of our universe & honor Mr. Galileo, who started it all.