Web Standards for Outside Organizations


Generally, it is against UWM policy to host web material on any campus server for any outside group or organization (profit or non-profit). Typically, these needs are best served by commercial vendors or other more appropriate web sites.

There are, however, some specific, limited instances where material for such a group or organization may be hosted on campus. These are:

  • Official SOAR-recognized UWM student organizations.
  • The UWM Foundation
  • The UWM Alumni Association
  • With prior approval, certain professional/scholarly organizations where, by virtue of a UWM faculty member's official position in that organization (e.g., President, Editor, etc.), the campus is expected to provide web space as part of UWM's support of the faculty member's involvement.
  • Situations where, as part of a formal written contract with an outside entity, the University must provide web space as part of its contractual obligation.
  • Collaborative projects in which UWM is one member along with other peer organizations and UWM is providing web space as part of its contribution to a joint endeavor.


In all cases, appropriate approval is required prior to a granting web space to outside organizations:
  • The procedure for granting web space for student organizations is available as part of Student Organization World Wide Web Home Pages.
  • Faculty requesting web space for a professional/scholarly organization may make such a request, on the organization's letterhead, to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The request should spell out the faculty member's institution's responsibility to provide such web space. If the request is approved, Academic Affairs will notify the campus Webmaster.
  • Units overseeing projects where UWM is contractually obligated to provide web space should provide the campus Webmaster a copy of the final, signed contract.
  • Collaborative projects require the written approval from the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs prior to web space being allocated.

Location of Web Materials

To ensure that official, unofficial, and personal web materials are not co-mingled, web space for outside organizations be limited to the main I&MT-managed campus web server, and to the following areas:
  • www.uwm.edu/StudentOrg/ for official student organizations
  • www.uwm.edu/Org/ for all other outside entities
In no case should material speaking for an outside organization be housed in the official `departmental' areas of the server, in personal web areas, or on non-I&MT web servers.

Specific Content Standards

  • The content rules governing student organizations pages are included in Student Organization World Wide Web Home Pages.
  • Collaborative projects are expected to follow all elements of UWM's Departmental Web Page Standards. To ensure that the University receives proper credit for its contribution, following campus Brand Identity (logo) guidelines are normally part of this requirement. However, it is recognized that in some cases it may be appropriate to use a more subtle design. Academic Affairs may waive the normal Brand Identity requirements for a specific project. However, at minimum, the pages will still require a statement in the page footer acknowledging UWM's role in the web site including a UWM logo with a link to the UWM home page.
  • For other types of outside organizations, there are no specific content or design standards. However organizations are expected to follow sound accessibility practices equivalent to those included in UWM's Departmental Web Page Standards Standards.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Generally, University web pages may not include any commercial advertising. There are specific rules for what is and is not allowed in cases where one wishes to acknowledge the contribution of a commercial grant provider or sponsor of an activity. Web page authors in such a situation should be aware of the relevant rules, available as part of UWM's Policies and Guidelines Concerning the Electronic Publication of Information