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General Plan:

This project involves removing the concrete walkway over the east portion of the basement connector between Stage 1 and Stage 2 and installing a new waterproof membrane over this section. The walkway will then be re-installed.

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08 10 2012 003


Fri Aug 10th

PPS 08 03 2012 047

Fri Aug 3rd

07 27 12  Alex 194

Fri July 27th

The water is testing the seal made over the connect between the basements of the two wings of the library. What will happen is the water will be left there for 48 hours and workers will go into the connect and look at the ceiling and walls to look for leaks. Our connect has passed with flying colors and they will start paving over the connect itself very soon.

FS Gen Pics 07 13 2012 033

Week of July 13