Interesting Plant Related Information

Plant cooling capacity of 8500 Tons is equivalent to the cooling output of 20,000 – 5000 BTU window air conditioner all operating at the same time.

The plant 422,000 pound per hour steaming capacity would be enough to heat 7,000 medium sized homes.

The pilot igniter used to light the main flame on one of the plants large utility boilers has the BTU output equivalent as that needed to heat 5 medium sized homes.

Because we purchase natural gas, oil and electricity on such a large scale we save about 30% in electrical cost and 33% on natural gas cost. This comes out to an annual fuel cost savings of $3,000,000.

When you look at our operating costs it is hard to imagine a central plant saves money. Here is one example of how it does: The Central plant serves 37 buildings, the tallest 26 stories high, using only 4 boilers of 2 different models and the same manufacturer. Our 6 satellite plants use 15 boilers of 7 different models and 7 different manufactures. If you project these statistics on the 37 buildings on campus we would end up needing 93 boilers to do the same work of the 4 boilers we use now. These boilers would be of various models and manufacturers and would be scattered in buildings all over campus. So you can imagine how much more it would cost to service this many boilers, purchase spare parts and make sure they are running properly on a daily basis. You would also need to add the cost of all of the auxiliary equipment each boiler plant would need to make it operational.