Mail Services


Proper Addressing

Mail that is addressed to your building using the street address will go to the Shorewood Post Office because the University is in the Shorewood Post Office delivery area. The only mail that the Shorewood Post Office delivers is mail for the Sandburg Dorms. If you use your building street address, your mail could be delayed a week to ten days because the Shorewood Post Office sends UWM mail back to the main Post Office, to be placed in UWM's main post office box 413.

The reason the Post Office will not deliver mail to the University buildings is that we do not have mail boxes attached to the building. We have held post office boxes for over thirty years, and we pick up the mail twice each day, at 6:30 A.M. and at 11:00 A.M.

If your department does not have its own post office box, your mail should be addressed to P.O. Box 413, the University's general post office box number.
An example of the proper address is:

P.O. BOX 413
MILWAUKEE WI 53201-0413

Departments who have their own box number should use that number in place of 413. For your nine digit zip code, use 53201 followed by a zero and your three digit box number.
An example of the proper address is:

PO BOX 777
MILWAUKEE WI 53201-0777

Please note that all capital letters and no punctuation were used in the examples. This is the preferred Post Office form of addressing. There is one exception to this addressing rule. This format is for Post office mail only. If you are using a private courier, such as Federal Express, United Parcel Service, Burlington Express, etc., you must use your street address. Your delivery could be delayed while they attempt to contact you for a street address.


Addressing of Intra-Campus Mail

Mail Services needs your help in processing your intra-campus mail. With your assistance, Mail Services will be able to more efficiently sort and deliver the more than two million pieces of intra-campus mail that we handle annually. If you follow these simple instructions, you can avoid delays in the delivery of your mail:

  1. Address your mail using the full name of the addressee and their department. You may use building and room numbers in addition to name and department but not in place of this information. Mail Services sorts mail by name and department so location is not needed and may even create confusion, especially if there has been a recent move.
    One exception: The Division of Information and Media Technology has several sub-departments all over campus. In their case, buildings and room numbers would help clarify the delivery destination.
  2. Too much information can cause delays. For example, we do not need to know your division name, and we need to know only where you want your mail delivered. Here is an example of a bad address:
    Mary Rodgers
    Business and Financial Services
    Auxiliary Accounting

    Mary wants her mail in Auxiliary Accounting but with the first line of the address being Business and Financial Services, it could end up in the division office in Chapman Hall. The division information is extraneous information that could lead to misdelivery of her mail.
  3. Please do not abbreviate department names.
  4. Print or write as clearly as possible.