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Environmental Survey: Mellencamp Hall



Mellencamp Hall
Building #1976

2442 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Built: 1953
Renovated: 1969
Renovated: 1985
Space: 40,708 gsf
Two stories plus basement and penthouse
Original Cost: $780,000


The building served as the College and University library from November, 1954 until February, 1967, and was unofficially called Kenwood Library. The Division of Student Affairs moved into the building in August, 1969 after remodeling at a cost of $293,879. Mellencamp is currently an administrative and student services building.

The heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) system was tested and rebalanced in January, 1997. The HVAC is a constant volume re-heat system, and the building has openable windows. The fresh-air intake is located on the roof, in the center of the building. The air is filtered, heated/chilled, and distributed to occupied areas through sheet metal and/or flexible ductwork. Air is returned to the HVAC for reconditioning through ceiling plenums and ductwork. Physical Plant Services (PPS) performs routine inspection and maintenance of the building's mechanical equipment. PPS monitors and controls the HVAC by use of the Metasys System. Other HVAC maintenance and upgrades included chilled water coil replacement and duct cleaning (August 2001). Also in 2001, the Mellencamp "tunnel" was abated and reinsulated.

Several other environmental surveys have been conducted, including a radon survey (1989), and several IAQ evaluations based on renovation/maintenance projects or occupant concerns. The evaluations have consisted of routine visual inspections of HVAC components, as well as air analysis (for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, general hydrocarbons, asbestos, temperature, humidity, etc.).

Fall 2002:

The most recent IAQ investigation included a room-by-room ventilation survey, completed December 2002 by PPS and EHSRM. Investigation is ongoing as of this printing:

Winter 2003:

  • January 2003: All B48 plenum booster coils cleaned.
  • February 2003: New exhaust fan installed for west lavatories.
  • March 2003: short-term and long-term HVAC maintenance schedule developed by PPS.
  • Spring 2003: Room-by-room recheck of supply air (SA) to be scheduled after necessary maintenance work.

Spring 2004:

  • April 2004: investigaton of boost fans #3, #4 and #5 service area.

Fall 2004/Winter 2005:

  • continuation of HVAC maintenance and evaluation by Mared Mechanical

Chemicals Used In Mellencamp Hall (1999 report):

The chemicals primarily used in this building are the general custodial and cleaning products used by PPS Buildings and Grounds. Pesticides are only applied if warranted, but pest control is normally not required. PPS Preventative Maintenance may perform routine maintenance on mechanical equipment which requires the use of chemicals, but this work is infrequent and performed in isolated areas such as equipment rooms. Several departments have recently installed new carpet. Some departments have copying processes, but these operations are not believed to adversely affect the building's air quality.

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