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Indoor Air Quality:  HVAC Systems

Outdoor Ventilation A visual inspection is normally the first step when evaluating a building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. At this location fresh outdoor air (OA) enters the building.
The louvers control the amount of outside air brought into the system. Louvers
New and used air filters Next are the air filters. On the left is a new, clean filter; on the right is a used filter. Air filters are necessary to filter dust and debris from the outside air before it is distrubuted throughout the building.
After the filters the air may be humidified, heated, or chilled. Photo Showing Air Flow
Drip pan inspection Condensation of water vapor occurs during the chilling season. The condensate is collected in the drip pans. In these photos, we're inspecting the drip pans for cleanliness, proper drainage, and any signs of microbial growth.
Drip Pans The fan unit
Ductwork distributes the air The fan distributes the air to the building through ductwork.

Updated November 16, 2007