Health & Safety

Building Name Abbreviation Street Address
Alumni House AH 3230 East Kenwood Blvd.
Architecture and Urban Planning AUP 2131 East Hartford Ave
Art Building ART 2400 East Kenwood Blvd
Arts Center Lecture Hall ACL 2400 East Kenwood Blvd
Bolton Hall BOL 3210 North Maryland Ave
Chapman Hall CHA 2310 East Hartford Ave
Chemistry CHM 3210 North Cramer St
Continuing Education Plankinton Building CEP 161 West Wisconsin Ave
Cunningham Hall CUN 1921 East Hartford Ave
Curtin Hall CRT 3243 North Downer Ave
Downer Woods DW 2411 East Edgewood Ave
Enderis Hall END 2400 East Hartford Ave
Engelmann Field EF 2033 East Hartford Ave
Engelmann Hall ENG 2033 East Hartford Ave
Engineering and Mathematical Sciences EMS 3200 North Cramer St
Garland Hall
GAR 2441 East Hartford Ave
Golda Meir Library GML 2311 East Hartford Ave
Great Lakes Research Facility GLRF 600 East Greenfield Ave
Greene Hall GRH 3347 North Downer Ave
Greene Museum GRM 3367 North Downer Ave
Grounds Building GRD 2411 East Edgewood Ave
Heating Plant HP 3359 North Downer Ave
Hefter Conference Center HCC 3271 North Lake Dr
Holton Hall HLT 2442 East Hartford Ave
Johnston Hall JOH 2522 East Hartford Ave
Kenilworth Square Apartments KSA 1915 East Kenilworth Pl
Kenilworth Square East KSE 1925 East Kenilworth Pl
Klotsche Center KC 3409 North Downer Ave
Kunkle Center KUN 2114 East Kenwood Blvd
Lapham Hall LAP 3209 North Maryland Ave
Lubar Hall LUB 3202 North Maryland Ave
Mellencamp Hall MEL 2442 East Kenwood Blvd
Merrill Hall MER 2512 East Hartford Ave
Mitchell Hall
MIT 3203 North Downer Ave
Music Building MUS 2400 East Kenwood Blvd
Northwest Quadrant NWQ 2025 E. Newport Ave
Norris Health Center NHC 3351 North Downer Ave
Pavilion PAV 3409 North Downer Ave
Pearse Hall PER 2513 East Hartford Ave
Physics Building PHY 1900 East Kenwood Blvd
Purin Hall PUR 2600 East Kenwood Blvd
Sabin Hall SAB 3413 North Downer Ave
Sandburg Residence Hall SAN 3400 North Maryland Ave
Saukville Field Station SFS 3095 Blue Goose Road, Saukville
Spaights Plaza SP 2380 E Kenwood Blvd
Theatre Building THR 2400 East Kenwood Blvd
Union UN 2200 East Kenwood Boulevard
University Services and Research Building USR 115 East Reindl Way
Vogel Hall VOG 3253 North Downer Ave
Zelazo Center For The Performing Arts ZEL 2419 East Kenwood Blvd