Health & Safety

Arts Center

Art Center Lecture Hall

Building #1981L
2400 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Built: 1968
Space: 8,824 gsf
Two stories


Background Information:

Under development.


Asbestos Synopsis:

  • Original thermal system insulation (TSI) is ACM. Replacement insulation is fiberglass or Armaflex. Please request bulk sampling and analysis before any disturbance to pipe insulation or other TSI; otherwise, please treat as ACM. Unknown whether pipe saddles have ACM block insulation. Composition of insulation in steam conduit from tunnel to building is unknown.
  • The chilled water utility conduit between Point T and the building appears asbestos-free; however, mudded fittings in the building are ACM.
  • Fire rated doors have not been investigated.
  • Please see the Art Center Lecture Hall Abatement Project Log for additional information.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory for additional information.

Other Information:

  • Please see the Confined Space and Hazardous Space Entry Program for information regarding confined space entry in this building. The north and south sump pits and utility-runs have not been surveyed for ACM application.


Updated August 25, 2010 by SAK