Health & Safety

UWM Alumni Collage

Alumni House

Building #1991
3230 E. Kenwood Boulevard
Built: 1923
Space: 23,233 gsf
Three stories plus basement and attic
Original Cost: $335,000


Background Information:

The Alumni House was purchased in 1949 by the Milwaukee State Teachers College for $80,000. The house was built for Mrs. Myron T. MacLaren for approximately $335,000 exclusive of the grounds and furnishings. The 3.9-acre property on Lake Michigan has 175 feet of lake frontage. The grounds included one of the largest private outdoor swimming pools in Wisconsin in the 1920's. In 1953, the pool was filled with dirt from the excavation for Mellencamp Hall because it was to expensive to maintain.

The building was used as a women's dormitory until July, 1964 when it was converted to a conference center. The UWM Foundation and Alumni Association are currently housed in the Alumni House.

Asbestos Synopsis:

  • All exposed thermal system insulation (TSI) replaced with fiberglass or Armaflex insulation. Asbestos-TSI or debris may still exist on live or abandoned mechanical systems in interstitial spaces of original walls.
  • Nearly all plaster samples obtained to date have been negative for asbestos. One sample taken in the foyer had trace fibers. Please request additional sample analysis before any significant disturbance of original wall or ceiling plaster.
  • Limited samples of flooring. Please request additional sample analysis before any disturbance of flooring material.
  • Roofing material not sampled. Pre-cast concrete roof panels are negative for asbestos.
  • Contact Physical Plant Services for documentation of past abatement during renovation projects.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory for additional information

Other Related Physical Plant Services Files:

Other Environmental / Safety Concerns:

  • See the Confined Space / Hazardous Space Entry Program for information on confined space issues in this building.

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Updated August 25, 2010