Health & Safety

Art Building

Building #1981A
2400 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Built: 1968 
Renovation: 1998 (partial)
Space: 80,415 gsf 
Four stories plus basement and penthouses


Asbestos Application:

  • See DOA-DFD WALMS inspection for room-by-room building survey (March 2003).
  • All original 1968 thermal system insulation (TSI) which isn't fiberglass is asbestos containing material (ACM). Nearly all domestic hot water supply TSI was removed during the 1998 building renovation; however, adjacent domestic cold water supply TSI was notremoved. Assume all other original TSI mudded fittings (i.e., steam, condensate, chilled water, etc.) as ACM. Original insulation on all utilities is mudded fittings with fiberglass straight sections. New insulation is Armaflex or fiberglass with plastic-coated fiberglass fittings.
  • Fire-rated doors are asbestos-core doors; other doors may have ACM as well (not verified).
  • Ceiling tiles are asbestos-free; some ceiling tiles were replaced during the 1998 renovation; others were not.
  • Nearly all original nine-inch floor tile was removed during the 1998 (?) renovation; black ACM mastic was not removed. All 12 inch tile installed during the 1998 renovation is asbestos-free; this was installed directly over the ACM mastic.
  • Walls are either drywall or plaster, and are asbestos-free. Unfeathered textured plaster above ceiling tile line is "shot-crete" (as described by the Carpenter Shop) and is asbestos-free.
  • Roof replaced during the 1998 renovation.
  • Some furnishings, property of the Art Department, may be constructed of Transite.
  • We are not aware of any asbestos spray-on insulation or asbestos insulated ductwork in this building.
  • This page is under development.


Example of side-by-side new and old thermal system insulation in the Art Building. Nearly all domestic hot water supply piping and TSI abated during 1998 building renovation; however, adjacent cold water supply and other utility piping and TSI were not removed in this DOA-DFD project in order to minimize renovation costs. In other words, the building was not rendered asbestos-free during the 1998 building renovation.

Other Information:

  • The building's supply and exhaust ventilation systems were upgraded during the 1998 building renovation: (under development)

    AHU/A-1, Room A190, serves floor 1
    AHU/A-2, Room A191, serves floor 2
    AHU/A-3, Roof-North, serves north half of floors 3 and 4
    AHU/A-4, Roof-South, serves south half of floors 3 and 4

    Missing info for these units:
    AHU/A-?, Room AB2, serves AB20 kiln room
    AHU/A-5, Room AB2, serves sculpture area (?)
    AHU/A-6, Room ___, make-up air for paint spray booth.

  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory and the DOA-DSF WALMS survey for additional information.


Updated August 25, 2010