Health & Safety

Cunningham Montage
Cunningham HallBuilding #1973
1921 E. Hartford Ave.
Built: 1973
Space: 63,621 asf, 110,634 gsf
Eight stories plus basement and penthouse


Building History: Plans to renovate Cunningham Hall are part of major projects in the Campus Physical Development Plan for 2005-2007.

Asbestos Information:

  • Please see DOA-DFD WALMS inspection for room-by-room building survey.
  • All original twelve inch floor tile is VAT and all mastic is ACM. Twelve-inch replacement tile and mastic may or may not be VAT; sample before any disturbance.
  • Except for the Bell and Gossett heat exchangers, all homogeneous thermal system insulation (TSI or pipe insulation) sampled to date has been asbestos-free insulation. Fittings are woven cloth covered-"mud" and straight section pipe insulation is fiberglass. As of this printing, we have not found any ACM block (support) insulation on the pipe hangers.
  • Tunnel segment from Point M to Cunningham has asbestos application.
  • Interior walls are wallboard over metal studs.
  • Ceiling tiles throughout the facility are homogeneous and are asbestos-free.
  • Fire doors have not been sampled at time of this printing.
  • The original elevator hoist-way doors were lined with transite; these doors were replaced as part of DSF Project #03J2T, Elevator Reconstruction (2005).
  • Mechanical rooms in basement and second floor were originally sprayed with asbestos fire-proofing. Original building specifications called for: Asbestospray by Asbestospray Corporation of Newark, N.J; Blaze-Shield and Heat Shield by United States Mineral Products of Stanhope, N.J.; or Spray Craft by Smith & Kanzler of Linden, N.J. This material was removed in the late 1980s and replaced with asbestos-free material.
  • Mastics for chalkboards and bulletin boards, sampled of this printing, have tested negative for ACM.
  • We have not identified any acoustical plaster or scratch-coat in this building.
  • Soffit boards of second floor overhang may be ACM transite board.
    soffit boards
    There is also the possibility that there could be ACM spray-on applied to the deck above these boards.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory for additional information .pdf document, Adobe Acrobat required