Health & Safety

Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (EMS)
Building #1985
3200 N. Cramer St.
Built: 1970
Space: 247,872 gsf
Thirteen stories plus basements and penthouse

  • Plans for renovation and a building addition are part of major projects in the Campus Physical Development Plan for 2005-2007.
  • See DOA-DFD WALMS inspection for room-by-room building survey (October 2002).
  • There is a variety of original thermal system insulation (TSI) applicaiton in this building, some ACM and some not. In general, straight sections are fiberglass with mudded fittings.
    • Unknown whether pipe saddles have block insulation supports.
    • Some large diameter HPS has ACM block insulation on straight sections.
    • HPS feeder to Physics is ACM block insulation.
    • Please assume that all thermal system insulation (TSI) which isn't fiberglass or Armaflex as ACM. The only exception is if there is sample data for a particular TSI application in a particular area.
  • Interior walls are wallboard over metal studs.
  • Please assume all original nine or twelve inch floor tile as VAT, all mastic as ACM. Replacement twelve inch tile may or may not be VAT (i.e., sample before disturbance).
  • Ceiling tiles throughout the building are believed to be asbestos-free.
  • The fourth floor low-rise, parts of the third floor low-rise (e.g., W365, W390, etc.), and many mechanical rooms were originally sprayed with asbestos decking and beam insulation. We believe all asbestos spray-on decking insulation was removed in the mid-1980s and was replaced with asbestos-free material.
    • Other rooms (e.g., W450) have asbestos-free spray-on decking insulation as well; however, there is little documentation whether these rooms were originally sprayed with asbestos and included in the mid-1980s abatement project. Please request a sample analysis for spray-on in any areas not determined to have asbestos-free replacement material.         
    • Some overspray ACM is known to exist in the space south of E185. Contact Physical Plant Services before working in this space.
  • Acoustical plaster exists in the first floor lobby and lecture halls. Overspray exists in area above ceiling, please contact Physical Plant Services before disturbing this plaster or working above this ceiling.
  • Textured 'scratch-coat' surfacing material coated on the ceilings of the stairwells is asbestos containing material (ACM). Although encapsulated with paint and non-friable, this material will become friable if disturbed by cutting, drilling, scrapping, etc.
  • Lab bench material may be transite; request analysis before disturbance.
  • Laboratory fume hoods: interiors of original building hoods are transite.
  • Vermiculite, with trace amounts of actinolyte, discovered in hollow-core cement block walls in parts of basement.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory for additional information .pdf document, Adobe Acrobat required