Health & Safety


Enderis Hall

Building #1919
2400 E. Hartford Avenue
Built: 1972
Addition: 1985
Space: 176,105 gsf
Eleven stories plus basement and penthouses
Project Log

  • Please see DOA-DFD WALMS inspection for room-by-room building survey (Fall 2002).
  • Please assume that all original twelve inch floor tile in the tower as VAT and all mastic as ACM. Twelve inch replacement tile and mastic may or may not be VAT. All floor tile in the north addition (1985) is believed to be asbestos-free.

    Carpet is glued directly over VAT in many areas; from past experience in this building, please assume there will be tile disturbance if the carpet is removed. Please request bulk sample analysis before any disturbance of floor or carpet. Please see Asbestos Flooring Information and Issues for additional information.
  • Thermal System Insulation (TSI):
    • Except for the items noted below, all homogeneous thermal system insulation (TSI or pipe insulation) sampled to date has been asbestos-free insulation. Fittings are woven cloth covered-"mud" and straight section pipe insulation is fiberglass. Please request bulk sample analysis if any question exists regarding material composition.
    • Original block insulation on emergency generator exhaust is ACM.
    • Block insulation on small diameter pipe saddles of heating system hot water lines and many other utilities is ACM. From past observation, the saddles with block insulation are covered with sheet metal. Other saddles in Enderis are metal suports with fiberglass insulation, and do not have asbestos block insulation. Please assume that any chalky block insulation as ACM.
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    • Visual inspection of west-terminal end (tunnel) of utility conduit was negative for asbestos application; all straight-section insulation (HPS, CR, CWS and CWR) from tunnel to building appears to be fiberglass.
  • Interior walls are wallboard over metal studs, or plaster pressed in to wire lathe. All ceiling plaster and textured plaster pressed in to wire lathe has been asbestos-free. Drywall joint compound is ACM.
  • Ceiling Tile: Ceiling tile in 475 and 477 lobby must be sampled before disturbance (composition unknown, 12 inch fissured tile). Otherwise, ceiling tiles throughout the facility are homogeneous and are asbestos-free.
  • Fire-rated doors have not been sampled. Elevator hoist-way doors are asbestos-free.
  • We have not discovered any spray-on insulation, fire proofing or acoustical plaster in this building. The spray-on decking and structural steel fire-proofing in lecture halls 177 and 189 (now rooms 103 and 107), as well as room 183 (now 105), was applied during the 2001/2002 renovation (DFD #99J2A) and is asbestos-free material.
  • Those HVAC chambers with exterior insulation all appear to be insulated with woven material over fiberlass; we have not identified any mud or skim coat.
  • Penthouse exterior wall insulation is fiberglass (located between exterior wall and interior metal panels).
  • For roof history and status, please contact Dan Walker, PPS.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory for additional information .pdf document, Adobe Acrobat required.