Health & Safety

Lapham Hall

Lapham Hall

Building #1982
3209 N. Maryland Avenue
Built: 1961 (north and south towers)
Built: 1991 (west wing)
Renovated: 2000-2002 (south tower)


Five stories plus basement and penthouses
283,398 gsf ("old" and "new" Lapham)
125,671 gsf "old" Lapham
154,023 gsf "new" Lapham
66,621 asf "old" Lapham
81,073 gsf/40,671 asf (south wing)
44,598 gsf/25,950 asf (north wing)


$2.8 Million ("old" Lapham)
$-- (West Wing)
$11.5 Million (South Tower Renovation)
$9.8 Million (North Tower Renovation)


Asbestos Synopsis for North Tower:

Asbestos Synopsis for South Tower and West Addition:

  • DFD Project #98184: Lapham Hall, South Tower , started June, 2000, and was occupied Summer 2002.

  • With the exception of the acoustical plaster ceiling in the lobby (100 and 100U), all ACM including floor mastic was removed from the South Tower.

  • The Lapham West Addition is considered an asbestos-free building based on the year of construction.

Other environmental issues:

  • Limited lead paint sample results are noted on the UWM Lead Inventory. All paint samples to date have been below the HUD definition for lead based paint.

  • We assume DFD will handle lamp and ballast disposal issues. Most PCB ballasts were replaced mid-1990s.

  • The building has several refrigeration units which will require freon removal prior to demolition. University Safety & Assurances is coordinating this abatement.

  • UWM Radiation Safety surveyed the south tower's laboratory exhaust ventilation systems. Labels have been defaced and the units were deemed "free of contamination". Survey results are on file with the Radiation Safety office.

  • Laboratory sink drain traps may contain mercury, particularly in the north wing, which was formerly occupied by the Chemistry Department. All maintenance/construction personnel must use standard procedures when working on laboratory drain lines to avoid any contamination or spillage of improperly disposed mercury waste from the P-traps. Contact University Safety & Assurances for information on safe work practices.

  • There is an underground diesel fuel storage tank for the West Wing emergency generator.

South Tower Renovation Photos:

Fire Protection:

  • North Tower is not sprinkled South Tower is not sprinkled West Wing is sprinkled standpipes in stairwells Fire Hydrants:

  • Two hydrants east of building along Maryland Avenue

  • Two hydrants north of building along service driveOne hydrant at northwest corner of building, at end of service drive, adjacent to Chemistry