Health & Safety

Mellencamp Hall

 Mellencamp Hall

Building #1976
2442 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Built: 1954
Renovated: 1969
Space: 27,249 asf, 40,708 gsf
Two stories plus basement and penthouse
Original Cost: $780,000


The building served as the College and University Library from November, 1954 until February, 1967, and was unofficially called Kenwood Library. The Division of Student Affairs moved into the building in August, 1969 after remodeling at a cost of $293,879. Mellencamp is currently an administrative and student services building.

Plans to renovate Mellencamp Hall are part of major projects in the Campus Physical Development Plan for 2005-2007.

Asbestos Synopsis:

  • Building-wide WALMS survey performed February 2007.
  • Asbestos abatement in Mellencamp Hall has primarily consisted of vinyl asbestos floor tile (VAT) abatement and operations and maintenance (O&M, OSHA Class III abatement) activities on thermal system insulation (TSI). A new built-up roof was installed in 1996; all original roofing was removed at that time. Routine building inspections are conducted as part of the UWM Asbestos Management Program to determine the condition and maintenance of existing ACM.
  • All thermal system insulation (TSI, pipe insulation, HVAC gaskets, etc.) which isn't fiberglass or Armaflex should be regarded as asbestos containing material (ACM). Original building specifications called for block insulation (supports) on pipe hangers; unknown whether this is ACM block.
  • The typical 2-foot square ceiling tile applied throughout the building is asbestos-free material.
  • HVAC Ductwork:
    • Some of the insulation on HVAC ductwork has an exterior layer of fiberglass which is coated with an ACM skim-coat, with a woven cloth covering.

    • Some HVAC ducting, like the return air (RA) duct in the B48 chase, has ACM insulation (packing) applied directly to the duct at the metal junctures and base.
  • There have been limited plaster, drywall and drywall-joint compound samples; all samples to date have been negative. Please request analysis before disturbance of wall material.
  • Fire-rated doors have not been investigated, however we asssume these are asbestos-core doors.
  • Roof replaced in 1996; the new roof is presumed to be asbestos-free.
  • A comprehensive floor tile inventory is under development. There are a variety of floor tile patterns in this building, some ACM and some not. Many areas have been retiled or the original VAT removed and replaced with carpeting. Please see Asbestos Flooring Information and Issues before scheduling tile or carpet replacement in this building.
  • We are not aware of any asbestos spray-on decking or beam insulation in this building.
  • Please see the Mellencamp Abatement & Environmental Project Log for additional information.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory pdf format, Adobe Acrobat Requiredfor additional information.

Fire Protection:

  • Mellencamp is not sprinklered; the building has a smoke detection and fire alarm system.
  • The nearest fire hydrants are located on Kenwood Blvd.
  • Any significant future building renovation must take into consideration emergency egress from the basement level to comply with current life safety egress considerations, particularly Section 101 (i.e., the basement corridor access to the west stairwell through room B30).

Lead-based Paint:

  • Limited paint and water samples to date. The building is well maintained and nearly all areas have been repainted since original construction. Please see the UWM Lead Paint Inventory pdf format, Adobe Acrobat Required for additional information.