Health & Safety

Mitchell Hall


Mitchell Hall

Building #1961
3203 N. Downer Avenue
Built: 1908 (main hall), 1912 (north wing)
Renovated: 1976 (main hall)
Space: 194,488 gsf
Four stories plus basement and attic
Original Cost: $308K (main), $80K (north wing)

The main building of Mitchell Hall was renovated in 1976, before current asbestos management practices. Modern thermal system insulation (TSI) is asbestos-free material. This insulation is characterized by mudded fittings with cloth covering and straight section fiberglass with stenciled labels. In a few areas asbestos TSI was either left in place or abandoned in-place; however, this is fairly rare since nearly all pre-1976 systems were gutted. This pre-1976 insulation is generally easily distinguishable from the insulation installed during the renovation.

Asbestos Synopsis:

  • Main Hall (South Wing) Mechanical Rooms and Chases:
    • Main hall mechanical rooms 166, 176(?), 344, 366, 376 and 434 were installed during the renovation and are therefore insulated with asbestos-free material.
    • Mechanical rooms B77 and B81 have both asbestos and asbestos-free insulation. We assume the asbestos insulated equipment in these basement mechanical rooms was from systems left-in-place during the renovation. Request bulk sampling before disturbance of material in these basement mechanical rooms.
    • Lavatories and locker rooms of the south wing were installed during the renovation, and are therefore asbestos-free.
  • North Wing: Due to limited funding, the north wing was not part of the 1976 renovation, so much of the TSI is still asbestos insulated. All TSI in public areas has been encapuslated, is inspected on a regular basis and is repaired as needed. Plans to renovate the north wing are included in the Campus Physical Development Plan.
  • Attic: Some asbestos insulated systems and debris from the early building mechanical systems may still exist in the attic above the main (south) hall. In some instances, demolition debris was simply piled and abandoned in-place during the renovation (again, this renovation was done before modern asbestos management practices). The large amount of debris piled directly north of room 434 was removed (abated) December 2000; however, other discrete miscellaneous piles may still be found. Many of the deck penetrations for original electrical conduit were packed with asbestos material. Do not sweep the attic area; cleaning must be performed using a HEPA vacuum and wet methods. Contact Physical Plant Services for additional information.
  • Plaster: Original job-mixed plaster in the main hall has tested negative for asbestos; however, some trace amounts of asbestos have been identified in a few plaster samples from select locations in the north wing; these anomalies may have been from joint compound contamination.

Please request bulk sampling before disturbing any plaster in this section of the building.

  • Ceiling Tile:
    • Asbestos ceiling tile was installed in several locations of Mitchell Hall, including 2'x4' tile and 2'x2' tile.

Please see photo of 2'x4' ceiling tile example. List of rooms once having asbestos ceiling tile:

  • 127, 129, 273A, 273B, 273C, 273F, 273G (removed December 2001).
  • 283/283A, 285, 287, 287ABCD, 291, 291ABC (removed March 1997).
  • 210, 214, 214A, 214B, 214D, 214E and 214F (removed July and October 2004).

Please see photos of sample #40210K04 and comparison of two tile samples (K05 negative and K04 positive). Also see view of room 214. See the report .pdf document, Adobe Acrobat requiredfor these rooms.

  • Please Note: The 1st edition WALMS survey (2003) lists several rooms as having 1'x1' asbestos ceiling tile. After consultation with Dan Day (February 2004), we believe there was an error in the sample description; in the specified rooms, we believe the tile is negative, but the mastic is positive.
  • Floor Tile: Floor tile must be inspected before disturbance. Please assume that all floor tile installed before 1980 as ACM unless analysis proves otherwise. Please check the UWM or WALMS database for verification.
  • Doors: Both fire-rated and non-fire-rated doors may have ACM insulation or cores.

Other Information:

Confined Spaces:

  • North Wing Attic: The north wing attic steam conduit located parallel of the west wall is heavily contaminated with asbestos debris and is a "C4 Permit-Required Confined Space".
  • south Basement Hallway: The northwing basement utility chase above the B1B hallway is a "C7 Reclass Confined Space". Asbestos debris near the south entrance of this chase was abated several years ago; however, there still may be asbestos insulated pipes in the remaining length of the chase.

Fire Protection:

  • Room B8B: this vault is protected with a CO2 fire extinguishing system and is used for incidental storage of portable power equipment.
  • Rooms 152 and 154 have a ______________ extinguishing system.
  • The main hall has a sprinkler system in the basement; the north wing basement is not sprinkled.