Health & Safety

Norris Health Center


Norris Health Center

Building #1926
3351 N. Downer Avenue
Built: 1961
Space: 14,180 gsf
Two stories plus basement
Original Cost: $240,000

Background Information:

The Norris Health Center was acquired in the Milwaukee-Downer College campus purchase. This was the last building erected by the College and has served as a student health center both for Milwaukee-Downer College and for UWM. It also housed the UWM School of Nursing until the School's move to Cunningham Hall.

Asbestos Synopsis:

  • All thermal system insulation (TSI, pipe insulation, HVAC gaskets, etc.) which isn't fiberglass or Armaflex should be regarded as asbestos-containing material (ACM).
  • Typical one square foot ceiling tile applied throughout first floor and basement is asbestos-free.
  • There have been limited plaster, drywall and drywall-joint compound samples; all samples to date have been negative.
  • Fire-rated doors have not been investigated.
  • All original nine-inch floor tile should be regarded as vinyl asbestos tile (VAT), and all black mastic as ACM. Twelve-inch tile may or may not be VAT; please sample before any disturbance.
  • Please see the Norris Project Log for additional information.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory.pdf document, Adobe Acrobat required for additional information.

Other Environmental Issues:

  • There are no interior or underground storage tanks (USTs) associated with this building.
  • This building has a hydraulic elevator.