Health & Safety

Garland Hall


Pearse Hall
Building #1958
2513 E. Hartford Avenue
Built: 1909
Renovated: 1985
Space: 31,200 gsf
Three stories plus basement and attic

Garland Hall
Building #1959
2441 E. Hartford Avenue
Built: 1909
Renovated: 1985
Space: 59,261 gsf
Four stories plus basement and attic

  • Please see the DFD WALMS room-by-room inspection (January 2003) for additional information on asbestos application.
  • Garland and Pearse Halls were completely renovated in 1985. We believe all original asbestos insulated thermal system insulation (TSI) was removed at that time. All new TSI is paper wrapped fiberglass sections on the straight runs with plastic covered fiberglass fittings. Abandoned asbestos-TSI may still exist in interstitial spaces of original walls.
  • Most interior walls are wallboard over metal studs, installed during the 1985 renovation. Original job-mixed plaster still remains on ceilings and exterior walls; all original plaster samples to date have tested negative for asbestos. In most cases all original wall plaster was covered with new wall board.
  • Most flooring in offices and classrooms is carpet over plywood. Some rooms may have carpet installed over floor tile; floor tile may or may not be VAT, however all samples to date have been negative for asbestos. Most hallways have new sheet vinyl which was installed in the late-1990s. Other rubberized flooring may still exist in some areas; this may or may not be ACM (i.e., sample before any disturbance).
  • Ceiling tiles throughout the facility are homogeneous and are asbestos-free.
  • Attics have blown fiberglass insulation and appear free of asbestos.
  • Garland/Pearse roof replaced 1996.
  • Fire doors have not been sampled.
  • Please see the Garland Hall Project Log for additional information.
Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory for additional information