Health & Safety

Sanburg Towers

 Sandburg Hall

Building #1937
3400 N. Maryland Ave.
Built: 1970
East Tower Built: 2000-2001
Commons Renovated: 2000-2001
Space: 610,369 gsf (pre-renovation, without east tower)

East Tower: 17 stories plus basement and penthouses
North Tower: 26 stories plus basement and penthouses
South Tower: 20 stories plus basement and penthouses
West Tower: 16 stories plus basement and penthouses


  • Please see May 2003 Abatement for work scheduled in the Commons during steam shut-down week.
  • Please see DOA-DFD WALMS room-by-room inspection report, completed August 2000 (Project 00C4H), for a detailed list of asbestos application in this building.
  • Tower pipe chases are asbestos-free in regard to thermal system insulation (TSI) and debris. All original TSI in the chases was removed over the past several years during plumbing system upgrades.
  • Some asbestos TSI may still exist in Commons, penthouses, basement mechanical rooms, parking garage, or other interior spaces such as on roof drain lines or HPS lines. Please assume that all block insulation and original mudded fittings as ACM; all replacement insulation is Armaflex or fiberglass insulation.
  • Insulation on storm drain risers in parking garage upper (CB150) and lower (CB50) levels removed September 1999. Some mudded TSI fittings may still exist in CB150 upper level ceiling interior space, such as on the sanitary drain lines; hot water system insulation appears to be all fiberglass. See photos of Parking Garage CB150 Thermal System Insulation for additional information:
  • Abatement of kitchen exhaust duct insulation and over-spray in Commons,Summer 1998. Palm Gardens kitchen exhaust duct insulation and over-spray removed 1997. New asbestos-free spray-on applied to metal decking and structual steel to many areas of commons during year 2001 renovation.
  • Please assume that any remaining original nine-inch floor tile as vinyl asbestos tile (VAT). Twelve-inch floor tile and mastic should be tested before disturbance.
  • Original fire-rated doors are asbestos core doors.
  • Please see the Sandburg Hall Abatement Project Log for additional information.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory.pdf document, Adobe Acrobat required for additional information.

Lead Paint:

  • The building has not been extensively surveyed for lead based paint. We do not suspect lead paint application due to the age of the building. All building areas are well maintained and frequently painted with lead-free paint.

Fire Protection:

  • The South, East, North and West towers are sprinklered.
  • Four fire hydrants are located directly west of the complex along Maryland Avenue.
  • Emergency access to each tower is documented in the MFD/UWM Emergency Response Plan