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Saukvillle Field Staion

 Saukville Field Station

3095 Blue Goose Road
Saukville, WI 53080
UWM Ownership: --

Barn (Building #1912): built 1930, 5,800 gross square feet
Lab (#1913): built 1966, 3,165 gsf
Machine Shed (#1927): built 1910, 2,031 gsf
Manager's Residence (#1903): built 1910, 4,050 gsf
Overnight Quarters (#1911): built 1930, 4,300 gsf
Service Building (#1906): built 1975, 2,398 gsf

Please see the Field Station Web Page for background information.

Please see DFD #01L1E Field Station Research Laboratory Facilities Expansion for additional information.


  • Laboratory Building:
    • Asbestos:

      • The lab building was built in 1966 and has 3,165 of gross square footage.

      • This building was surveyed for asbestos application during the January 2002 environmental survey.
      • Several samples were obtained of materials likely to contain asbestos, such as floor tile, drywall and stairtreads.
      • The only asbestos believed to exist are the two varieties of floor tile; specifically the twelve inch tile on the first floor and the nine inch tile in the stairwell.
      • No suspect thermal system insulation was observed in this building. We believe all pipe insulation is fiberglass or Armaflex.
      • No transite board was observed.
      • No spray-on insulation was observed.
      • The fixed laboratory benches have stone tops and back stops. The portable laboratory tables have press-board bench tops. The cabinets do not have transite liners.
      • Please see the Saukville Field Station Abatement Project Log for additional information.
      • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory.pdf document, Adobe Acrobat required for additional information.
    • Other Issues:
      • Based on the age of construction, we do not believe there is any lead-based paint application in this building.
      • There is an underground LPG tank located directly northwest of the Laboratory Building. Please see University Safety and Assurances photo documentation for additional information.
  • Maintenance Building:
    • The only possibility of asbestos in this building is the few mudded fittings on thermal system insulation. Results should be available by February 5, 2002.

  • Dormitory:
    • Extensive sampling of building materials conducted on January 23, 2002. Results expected by February 5, 2002.

Lead Paint:

  • No data available at time of this printing. Several samples were obtained in the Overnight Quarters and Manager's Residence during the January 2002 environmental survey. Based on the construction dates, we do not believe the Laboratory Building or the Maintenance Building have any lead-based paint application.

Chemical Right-To-Know / SARA Title III Information: