Health & Safety

Spaights Plaza


Spaights Plaza

2200 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Building #1980 (Union)
Built: 1972
Renovated: mid-1980s
Renovated: 2002


  • Please see DFD #00F5R Spaights Plaza Renovation for additional information.
  • DFD commissioned PSI Engineering for an environmental assessment for determination of asbestos containing material (PSI Project #054-2E006):
    • The membrane under the west (renovated) and east (non-renovated) portion was negative for asbestos.

    • Foundation cement on the east side of the Art Building tested positive for asbestos. The foundation cement material on the west side of the building was negative.
    • The flashing material on the west side of the Art Building was negative for asbestos. The asphaltic flashing material on the east side of the Art Building, adjacent to the HVAC exhaust shrouds, tested positive. This ACM was encapsulated with new roofing material.
    • See April 9, 2002 message from Dan Day for additional information (below).
  • No other asbestos disturbance is anticipated for this project. Nearly all thermal system insulation in the stairwells and upper level of the Union Parking Garage has been removed; the Spaights Plaza Renovation should not impact any existing TSI in this structure (specifically, the upper level). The deck drain conductors appear asbestos-free, at least at the deck penetration.