Health & Safety

Facility Services


University Services Building

Building #1948
Address: 115 E. Reindl Way, Glendale, WI 53212-1200
Built: various construction dates
Space: 204,612 gsf
Two stories



Asbestos Synopsis

  • Please Note: This building has not yet been inspected for application of ACM.
  • Thermal System Insulation (TSI):
    • Based on the age of the building, any mudded insulation should be presumed ACM (PACM).
  • Flooring: no data available, we believe all asbestos flooring has been removed.
  • Ceiling: the docks-block ceiling / roof panels are asbestos and covers substantial area.
  • Electrical components: based on the age of the building, electrical insulators are likely ACM.
  • Fire-rated doors: are likely asbestos-core doors.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory for additional information. Note: very little data on building at time of this printing.

Environmental History

  • Environmental data including underground storage tank history, soil contamination investigation, etc., is maintained by Univ. Safety and Assurances.

Fire Protection

  • The Northshore Fire Department has jurisdiction and response for USB.
  • There are no pull stations. See Map for location of annuciator panels.
  • The alarm rings if the system detects water flow in the sprinkler system.
  • The building has electric strike plates on emergency exits that will only open if there is a system (flow) alarm permitting access between UWM and Reindl; otherwise, these "emergency" exit doors are not passable without an appropriate key.
  • The Knox Box is located off of First Street. See Map for location of Knox Box.
  • The new UWM site plan box, with emergency documents (common MSDS, floor plans, etc.), is located just inside the building at the west loading dock.