Health & Safety

Vogel Hall


Vogel Hall
Building #1963
3253 N. Downer Avenue
Built: 1936
Space: 34,806 gsf
Three stories plus basement and attic
Original Cost: $295,090

Background Information:

Vogel Hall, acquired in the Milwaukee-Downer Seminary campus purchase was named for Louis Pfister Vogel (1857-1948), daughter of Guido Pfister, a co-founder of the Pfister & Vogel Tanning Company. Mrs. Vogel worked actively for the Lakeside Children's Center, serving as director (1893-1930) and vice president (1914-1923). She donated $7,000 to Milwaukee-Downer College in 1913 to help pay for the tract of land north of the college buildings to complete the campus. She, with her husband and brother, endowed a chair of art for Milwaukee-Downer College in 1916.

Vogel Hall was used by the School of Education from 1961 until 1972 when the School moved to Enderis Hall. It was then used as a day care center which later moved to the Kunkle Center. Vogel Hall was remodeled and reopened in 1983 and houses the UWM Art Museum.

Asbestos Synopsis:

  • There is limited sampling data for this building.
    • Original floor tile is vinyl asbestos tile.
      • Rooms 100B, 125, 125A, 125D, 200A and 200X (elevator) surveyed for flooring August 2001: All rooms had plywood underlayment; new carpet installed Fall 2001.
    • Thermal system insulation (TSI) may or may not be ACM (i.e., limited data). Please request bulk sampling and analysis before any disturbance to pipe insulation or other TSI; otherwise, please treat as ACM.
    • Wall plaster samples obtained as of this printing have all been negative for asbestos; however, the textured ceiling plaster on the second floor tested positive. Please contact Physical Plant Services before disturbance of this material.
    • Fire-rated doors have not been investigated.

Asbestos Synopsis:

  • This section is still under development.
  • January 2003: Samples obtained of wall and ceiling plaster.
  • 2004: DOA-DSF Project #01I2G UWM Multi-building Fire Alarm System Project.