Health & Safety

Johnston Hall

Building #1921
2522 E. Hartford Avenue
Built: 1901
Renovated: 1982
Space: 22,317 gsf
Three stories plus basement and attic
Original Cost: $31,061

Johnston Hall

Asbestos Abatement Projects

Survey of hallway flooring, September 2002:

  • Basement: Beige sheet flooring (#20925K18)
  • First Floor: New two-toned gray sheet flooring.
  • Second Floor: Carpet over unknown base.
  • Third Floor: Beige/Pink marble pattern sheet flooring (#20925K19)
  • Rooms G11, G31, G32, G33, G35 inspected for new carpet application.  Only room G11 has VAT; new carpet will be installed directly over existing VAT (July 2004).
  • 2004: DOA-DSF Project #01I2G UWM Multi-building Fire Alarm System Project.
  • 2005 Summer: DOA-DSF Downer Campus Foundation Drainage #02A4E in Garland, Holton, Johnston.
    • Holton: approximately 1,500 sf tile/mastic in G16, G18, G20, G37, G39, G41.  None identified in G49 and G49A.
    • Johnston: approximately 1,500 sf tile/mastic in G10, G11, G21, G23.  None identified in G31, G33, G35.
    • Garland: No VAT identified in the Garland project rooms.