Health & Safety

Edith S. Hefter Conference Center   


Building #1990
3271 N. Lake Drive
Built: 1911
Renovated: 1992, 1994
Space: 24,139 gsf
Three stories plus basement and attic
Original Cost: $


Building History:

The Hefter Center was built for A.A. Schlesinger. It was purchased by Milwaukee State Teachers College in 1946 for $80,000 and was used as a women's cooperative dormitory until the summer of 1970. For a time, the building was occupied by the School of Library and Information Sciences. In 1989, it was renamed the 'Edith S. Hefter Center' for the wife of Bert Hefter, retired vice president of Milprint, Inc., who donated the funds toward its renovation and restoration. The first floor was completed in 1992 and the second floor in 1 994. It is presently used as a conference center and for meetings and special events.

Asbestos Information:

  • In attic, the thin coat plaster over wood lathe is asbestos containing material as defined by OSHA (0.5 to 0.75% chrysotile asbestos by point counting).
  • Roof was replaced 2011.
  • Any remaining older floor tile shall be regarded as VAT.
  • Insulation on old boiler stacks tested positive for ACM; unknown whether this material was ever completely abated (e.g., from basement to roof).
  • Blown insulation in walls sampled to date is rock-wool.
  • Nearly all original job-mixed wall plaster sampled to date has been negative for asbestos. Wall plaster is applied over wood lathe, as shown:


  • Some asbestos AirCell, mag-insulation and mudded fittings may still exist in interstitial spaces of walls (e.g., behind knee-walls, etc.), otherwise all accessible thermal system insulation has been abated and reinsulated.
  • Examples of pre-existing debris in interior walls and ceiling spaces are shown below. Rock-wool insulation is shown on the right, and ACM TSI debris is shown left.


Hefter Conference Center Abatement Project Log:

  • Log started February 2002; this page is under development.
  • Abatement behind knee walls at several third floor locations to abate TSI debris prior to AC installation (2001); other knee wall spaces may still have ACM.
  • Basement plaster surveyed for ACM. See inventory for results (February 2002). All visible TSI in basement appears ACM-free (i.e., fiberglass or Armaflex).
  • September 2004: basement northeast crawl space cleaned of all insulation debris and is asbestos-free.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory for additional information. Unfortunately, the inventory does not represent post-renovation ACM application locations.  WALMS  inspection  performed 2008; please be sure to cross reference WALMS data with historical UWM data (e.g., attic plaster issue is noted as ACM on UWM records).
  • Updated October 25, 2011.