Health & Safety

Johnston Hall

Johnston Hall

Building #1921

2522 E. Hartford Avenue
Built: 1901
Renovated: 1982
Space: 22,137 gsf
Three stories plus basement and attic
Original Cost: $31,061

Building History:

Johnston Hall was acquired in the Milwaukee-Downer College campus purchase. It was called "College Hall" until 1904 when it was renamed for John T. Johnston, a member of the Milwaukee College and the MIlwaukee-Downer College Board of Trustees from 1874 to 1904 and the Board's President from 1893 to 1897, and 1902 to 1904.
Johnston Hall was used as a dormitory until the summer of 1970 when Sandburg Hall opened. The School of Social Welfare then used Johnston Hall until the summer of 1972, when the School moved to Enderis Hall. In July, 1973, it was designated as a landmark building.

Asbestos Synopsis:

(This section is still under development)

  • See DOA-DFD WALMS inspection for room-by-room building survey (Fall 2002).
  • See Physical Plant Services file folder for October 2002 flooring survey:
    • Hallway 100A two-tone grey sheet flooring is negative for ACM.
    • Hallway 200A is carpet over plywood.
    • Hallway 300A sheet flooring is negative for ACM.
    • Rooms have tested both negative and positive for 12 inch floor tile; please request a bulk sample prior to disturbance.
  • Spray-on wall and beam fire-proofing insulation in G49 tested negative for ACM.
  • Please see the Johnston Hall Abatement Project Log for additional information.
  • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory for additional information.