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Please Note:  This page is (1) under development, (2) is in rough-draft form and (3) has not been peer-reviewed.
This data is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a comprehensive AHERA-type asbestos inventory. 
Please contact Physical Plant Services, Campus Facilities Planning, or the DOA-DFD Hazardous Materials Abatement Manager for additional information.


Klotsche Center

Environmental Synopsis:

  • This section is still under development.
  • Please see DOA-DFD WALMS room-by-room inspection report, completed in January 2002 (Project #00C4H), for a detailed list of asbestos application in this building and the adjacent North (Temporary) Building.
    • All rooms were renumbered as part of #99J3N, so historical data must be cross checked with new room numbers.
    • Please see the UWM Asbestos Inventory for additional information.
  • 1996: DOA-DSF #94940 or #95847, involved replacement of the 3/8" 3M brand tartan athletic flooring in rom 100 Arena/Gymnasium. This material was disposed as mercury contaminated waste.
  • August 2003: Floor tile and mastic removed from Room 222.
  • September 2003: Room G54A, investigation of LPS condensate tie-in, scheduled for mid-October. Samples obtained of block insulation on saddles (all samples negative for ACM).
  • March 2004: VAT and mastic removal in G00F hallway (DOA-DSF #99J3N). Rooms G08, G27, and G31 did not have VAT.
  • May 2004: VAT and mastic removal on ground floor and second floor, including Room G52 (DOA-DSF #99J3N).
  • Summer 2004: All rooms were renumbered as part of #99J3N, so historical data must be cross checked with new room numbers.
  • October 2004: Evaluation of unknown slippery chemical spill in Room 321; believed to be calcium chloride salt.
  • May 2005 (DOA-DSF #99J3N): VAT and mastic removal on first floor, including 200ABC hallways, elevator, possibly 215 pool balcony, Room 124 (October 2005). VAT may exist under wall cabinets in several rooms, since these were not removed during the building renovations (e.g., Room 125).
  • May 2005: Friable asbestos roofing material discovered and removed from under north pitched roof during construction of addition. Other pitched roof areas likely have similar material.
  • October 2005 (DOA-DSG #99J3N): Room 124 VAT/mastic scheduled for abatement.
  • 2006: Major roofing project.
Swimming Pool and Food Service Information:
  • Log started December 2002.
  • March 1999: Muriatic acid exposure assessment for swimming pool chemicals.
  • August 2002: Exposure air monitoring during crack filling and line striping.
  • Fall 2002: Submitted DRAFT food service policy to KCP.
  • Conditional approval granted for petition of variance for DCOM90.16-dressing, shower and toilet faciliteis in therapy pool (Transaction #809133, Site ID #7900, November 29, 2002). 
    • The intent of the code is met because the therapy pool is a "limited purpose pool" used for professionally administered therapy, having a patron load of one person per therapy session. 
    • DCOM stated having one unisex lavatory/locker room provides sufficient facilities for the expected patron load of the proposed pool.
    • Conditions of approval included qualified supervision and appropriate signage.
  • June 2005: Asbestos roofing material (sample #50525K26) removed from pitched roof on north side of building.