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Fume Hood Information:

This page is under development. This page will document information related to fume hood systems and maintenance at UW-Milwaukee. Please see Univ. Safety and Assurance's web page Fume Hoods Procedures and Practices for lab-safety related information.





DOA-DSF Fume Hood Performance Test and Life Cycle Cost Analysis for University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee-Chemistry Building Fume Hood Replacement Project Phase 2, Feb. 21, 2000. Engineering and economic evaluation between two low-flow fume hoods for DSF Project #98303 Chemistry-North Tower.


Fisher-Hamilton Pioneer Fume Hood Operation, Maintenance and Installation Manual PL-831-1, Part No. 70017, Nov. 2003.  Manual for these low-flow fume hoods.


Fisher-Hamilton Pioneer Fume Hood Evaluation by Knutson Ventilation Consulting for the Wisconsin DOA-DSF and University of Wisconsin-Madison, Nov. 2001. Overview of the Pioneer hood using the ASHRAE 110 test method, including recommended face velocities for these low-flow hoods.


Lab Crafters Air Sentry AS-Series Fume Hood Operation & Maintenance. Manual for low-flow hoods in the UWM Chemistry-North Tower.


Protecting Service and Maintenance Workers during Laboratory Chemical Hood Repairs (R.C. Klein, C. King, P. Labbie, Yale University), Chemical Health & Safety, July/August 2003. Survey of fume hood system hazards and assessment. A good reference document for UWM fume hood system maintenance activities.


University of Wisconsin-Madison and Fisher-Hamilton, The Proper Use of a Fisher Hamilton Pioneer Fume Hood, Powerpoint Presentation. 


Updated: May 10, 2010