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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I receive parts from the Stores Warehouse how is my Department billed?
A: You must complete an internal requisition form when ordering parts. Inventory Coordinators in the Stores Department will issue parts to the Work Order, Department  and Building that the requisition has identified.

Q: When will I receive my parts?
A: If the part requested is in stock and needed immediately, the Inventory Coordinator will dispatch the part to you. Non-emergency parts in stock will be delivered the next business day.
Please call: 229-5316
Q: How will I receive my Parts?
A: The Stores Department operates a delivery truck and requisition orders are transported by our Student Work Force.
Q: If my part needs to be ordered when can I expect to have it?
A: Communicating your need will assist the Inventory Control Coordinator on steps to guarantee delivery when you need it.   Typically a 3 business day window from the receipt of requisition for locally purchased parts, and a 7 business day window for items not purchased locally.