Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling

Construction, Demolition Debris Recycling

Small remodeling projects are continuously going on around campus which generate a whole new waste stream of fixtures, flooring, drywall and many other wastes.Facility Services has begun to examine and implement recycling for such projects and Auxiliary Services (theUnion and Housing) have started to recycle some construction and demolition debris materials. Examples of recycling include grinding up drywall for gypsum to spread on farm fields and bricks as an aggregate for new concrete. New markets for construction and demolition debris surface every day, and the more these markets grow, the easier it is to keep materials out of landfills.


Current Recycled Materials

Metal- Ongoing for construction debris, facilities repair, and unusable metal fixtures & furniture

Concrete & Brick- Special cases only.The Student Union recycled the brick of the computer lab renovation in the Summer of 08’.

Carpet- Reclamation of carpet based on department’s demand.University Housing recycled16,638 pounds of carpet in the Summer of 08’ and smaller carpet reclamation projects have also been done across campus

Pallets- All pallets at the University Services Building, which handles the campus inventory, are recycled

Ceiling Tile- Special cases only.Through a vendor, properly palletized ceiling tile is recycled on campus.Old ceiling tile can be used to make new ceiling tile.

Yard Waste- The Grounds Department regularly recycles yard waste on the campus grounds.This was one of the original products that UWM recycled, since approximately 1984.