What do I do with…?

We are all familiar with recycling paper, aluminum cans, and even metal, but in a large university setting what can/cannot be recycled becomes more complex.  Anything from film canisters to door hinges to old plumbing can come across the sustainability desk and we hope that we can recycle all materials, but unfortunately the market is not always there. As a large consumer and recycler, UWM can help drive those markets in the community.

Here are some ideas for handling your waste on campus:


Magazines-Recycle these in our traditional paper recycling bins. These bins are found in all offices and hallways.

Binders- Declare these as surplus so that another department can make use of them.  The same goes for any office supplies.


Ink Cartridges- Save the return address packaging that new cartridges come with.  Use this to send the old cartridge back to the manufacture for recycling.  If this option is not available, contact University Safety & Assurances at 414.229.4999 for a pickup.


Fixtures from Remodeling- Anything from doors, to handles, to sinks can be managed through the surplus program.  If they can’t be resold on public auction, these items have been opened up to area nonprofits.


Campus Batteries- Batteries that have collected from campus use can be disposed of or recycled by University Safety & Assurances.  Battery disposal depends on what type of battery it is. Alkaline batteries, which are found in most common electronics such as cameras or smoke detectors, cannot be recycled and should be disposed of in the trash.


Confidential Paper Records- Our shredding service is available in several campus buildings.  All shredded paper is recycled.


VHS Tapes- VHS, DVD’s, cd’s, and any kind of tapes are recycled through our Techno Trash program.


Recycling markets are constantly changing and updating. 
If you have a regular or large amount of something you want to try to recycle or repurpose, please inquire with the Environmental Sustainability Coordinator-

Kate Nelson